Your B2B Sales Pipeline

Your Next Clients May Not Be So Easy to Spot . . .

Let us help you find them.


ROI-intensive, we generate and qualify sales leads for our clients, leaving their outside sales teams to move prospects to close, servicing existing clients, up-selling clients, cross-selling products and services, etc.

We help our clients (1) increase qualified sales opportunities, (2) deepen market penetration, (3) reduce hiring, training and overhead costs.


Knowledgeable in our clients’ business, we craft and employ spot-on talking points and scripts, and use a strategic combination of telephone, online, e-mail, postal mail, etc. to make targeted connections, qualify and generate interest.

All is supported with our collaborative, campaign-customized, report-driven, ultra-secure and confidential online CRM backbone.


We have initiated beneficial B2B sales relationships on behalf of: 
professional & membership  organizations, Fortune 500 and start-up companies, high- and low-tech businesses, manufacturers, service providers, foreign companies, etc.

We put our clients’ materials into prospects’ hands, then cultivate genuine follow-up interest — all done ROI-intensively.

Your B2B Sales Pipeline

Your Worst Enemy: Business Climate Inactivity . . .

Opportunities abound as the economy reawakens.

About Us

Whether you are a start-up generating initial sales or a mature organization looking to deepen or broaden market penetration, we will deliver and execute a scalable, ROI-focused sales lead generation/pipeline enrichment program tailored to meet your B2B goals.

Our seasoned team of 100% American-based sales professionals effectively executes a wide range of B2B critical functions, including

1. Qualified appointment setting;
2. Prospect list/lead generation;
3. CRM creation, management;
4. Trade show, industry event preparation and follow-through;
5. Strategic and current competitive market intelligence.

Simply put, every deal needs to be opened before it can be closed. By energizing and enriching your sales pipeline, your bottom line will benefit regardless of the size of your company or the industry in which you operate.

Please feel free to be in touch to discuss your organizations needs and whether Intrep might be a suitable resource to help in accomplishing them.

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Your B2B Sales Pipeline

Keeping it Robust in Normal Times Was Never Easy . . .

Today: Potentials for re-engagement prevail.

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