Professional Associations: A Changing Landscape

There are many challenges facing the leaders of professional associations today, many of which are best met by utilizing the services of a company like ours.

Membership participation and practices, the fundamental model of associations for generations, are changing. Professional associations need to be more effective in out-reach for new members as well as in retaining existing ones. (LinkedIn for example, has become the place where groups communicate instantly and anyone can start a group for free. Indications are that members, especially those going through a challenging time in the economy, are no longer as knee-jerk willing to plop down dollars for the privilege of belonging.) Tangible value of membership needs to be clearly communicated.

We at Intrep have worked with professional associations’ membership expansion and retention, trade shows, qualified pre- and post-event meeting arrangement, vendor relationships, fundraising, and advancement of their industries and professions, etc. Our experiences and abilities are always ROI-focused and effective.

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