Business Development / Lead Generation Services . . . for All Needs

To enrich and accelerate an effective inside sales program, you need to have best-practice basics in place. We provide that, and build from there.

Depending on your scope, goals and timeframe, we offer three ROI-intensive levels of service, each of which is strong on creative employment of fundamentals and builds solidly from there. Chances are we’re already familiar with your market place. We will learn the competitive specifics of your business, strategize, craft and employ comprehensive talking points and scripts and support all we do with your custom-designed, report-driven (completely secure and confidential) online CRM system, to which you will have 24/7 real-time access.

Our three levels of service: YouMine, WeMine and WeMineMore.


For clients who prefer to use their own staff for actual prospect contact, qualifying and arranging next-step activity.

Included: researching your criteria in our databases, uploading targeted, focused lists on an ongoing basis to your cloud-based customized CRM application for you and your sales staff to utilize and manage. Lines of communication and collaboration will be maintained and used, with regular trainings and conference calls to help keep your campaigns energized and productive.


This level of lead generation services includes all of the above plus the services of a well-trained, effective, articulate, USA-based Intrep inside sales professional to initiate and execute prospect contact for 10 hours per week; additional executive-level working conference calls.


Incorporates all the features above, adding weekly strategic conference calls; best-suited for market reach-out campaigns of 15 to (virtually) unlimited hours weekly.