Intrep Sales Partners operates for the benefit of its clients.

Whether you are a start-up generating initial sales opportunities or a mature organization seeking to deepen or broaden market penetration, we will deliver a scalable, ROI-focused lead generation program tailored to accomplish your B2B goals.

Our seasoned team of 100% American-based sales professionals effectively executes a wide range of critical functions, including qualified appointment setting, list/ lead generation, CRM creation and management and trade show connection preparation and follow-up.

Simply put, every deal needs to be opened before it can be closed.   By enriching your pipeline your bottom line will benefit regardless of the size of your company or the industry in which you operate.


Intrep, founded in 1999, is owned and managed by Dan Greenberg and Mark Winwood. These two professionals have a combined 60+ years of experience in sales, marketing and operations management in a variety of industries. Their passion and dedication to both their employees and clients ensures Intrep’s continued growth and sustained energies.

Please feel free to contact them to discuss your organization’s needs and whether Intrep might be a suitable resource to help accomplish them.